Event Listing: The Social Media Strategies Summit on September 15-17, 2010

The conference would feature case studies, information about micro blogging, maintaining online communities etc. The topics of discussion would revolve around leveraging media-derived intelligence for customer satisfaction, refining marketing tactics and research, utilizing blog communication to empower consumers

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Social News?

We created IndiaSocial with a clear vision to make it a hub for the community. Now that social media is mainstream, there is constant news about:

1. Someone got hired as social media lead by a brand
2. A large organisation announced a social media policy
3. An agency got hired to handle social media strategy/ engagement
4. A case-study

Anything that you would like featured on the site. We would love for you to be our eyes and ears – please send us any tip, news about social media in India by writing to us. Needless to say, we would credit the first source for all bonafide stories, tips.[ ... ]

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