LinkedIn answers best month for promotion question

Professional networking website – LinkedIn, has released some interesting data on the pattern of promotions in India and abroad. The data taken from the 1990′s and 2000′s highlights the changes in months of promotions in various countries and across different verticals.[ ... ]

Social Media for recruiting – does ‘post and pray’ approach work?

The biggest advantage with social media is that it gives you a tremendous opportunity to touch-base a huge target audience – directly or indirectly. However, your success depends on how you engage with your audience, increase your following and then use them as your network to spread message about open requirements.[ ... ]

Event Listing: Mobile Marketing Association Forum on May 3-5, 2011

The conference will focus on the latest technology developments, case studies, and innovative ways of using the mobile channel to extend the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.[ ... ]

Event Listing: The Internet Show on April 13-15, 2011

Internet Show Asia is a business platform. The event would be focus on six themes – Digital advertising and marketing; Social networking; E-commerce, payments and fulfilments; Content management and streaming; Domain names, hosting, infrastructure & cloud computing and Mobile internet.[ ... ]

Youth Survey – where is the opportunity for brands?

Hindustan Times and CNN-IBN conducted a youth survey where they analysed youth mindset of 10,000 people in 18 cities. It brought about some interesting details on their spending and saving behaviour which brands can use for their strategies on location and industry vertical.[ ... ]

Facebook Sponsored Stories – users are the new advertisers

In a recent development, Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘Sponsored Stories’ which will allow companies to take user generated content and turn it into an advertisement for its products.In a world where word of mouth and recommendations from trusted sources still score over advertising, Facebook Sponsored Stories seem like a logical way of introducing another revenue channel within Facebook.[ ... ]

How small businesses in India can leverage Foursquare?

Along with the up-gradation of cellular technology for the masses, a new trend in the mobile based social sphere can be –the location-based or Geo-social services. This can be the next big thing for Indian marketers, especially for small enterprises, who till this point were merely brick-and-mortar.[ ... ]

Facebook and Snaptu launch Facebook app for most popular phones

Facebook and Snaptu released an application for feature phones, thereby, covering more than 2,500 types of mobile phones in the world. India would be one of the beneficiaries with the application being available for Reliance network users.[ ... ]

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