3 operating pillars of Nestle’s social media: Pete Blackshaw at ad:tech 2012 #adtechin

Day 2 of ad:tech, New Delhi 2012 opened with a keynote by Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Nestle, titled ‘Small is the new Big’. Blackshaw shared several interesting examples of how Nestle globally has leveraged the medium across their brands. He spoke about three operating pillars of Nestle’s road map -

  1. Listening
    1. Digital measurements
    2. Conversation Analysis
    3. Search Analysis
  2. Engaging
    1. Nurturing brand advocacy
    2. Consumer conversations
    3. Content, apps and services
  3. Inspiring & Transforming
    1. Social by design
    2. Breakthrough insights and innovations
    3. 24X7 sense and respond

Among the most interesting examples he shared of paid, owned and earned coming together in a single property was that of their beverage brand – Contrex. Here is a quick look at the video he shared:

Closer home, he spoke about their ‘Switch on’ campaign with Purab Kohli and Deepika Padukone which was extended across media. He emphasised that social should not operate in a silo but enable to expand and amplify the ‘big idea’ for the brand.
He summed up his presentation with the following four points -
  1. Boring basics really matter
  2. Small is the new big
  3. Shrink, serve and simplify
  4. It’s a great time to be in marketing
We will be soon sharing a quick video that we shot from his talk. Stay tuned!