4 billion online videos streamed daily on YouTube

YouTube streams 4 billion online videos every day as per a latest report in Reuters. The article also highlights that 4 billion hits every day are an increase of 25% in last 8 months. YouTube had recently redesigned the interface and functionality of the platform. The overhaul focussed on showcasing most used and most viewed content prominently.

Some other key points of the report are:

  • Every minute, approximately 60 hours of video is uploaded.
  • The 4 billion videos being streamed daily are not getting monetized.
  • Roughly, 3 billion videos a week have their share in monetary gains

It was revealed that on an annual basis display ads were generating $5 billion in revenue but the share of YouTube as a channel was not revealed.

As YouTube becomes more mainstream by being introduced to smartphones and easier accessible due to advent of technology premises like 3G, the numbers were likely to rise. If integrated with smart TV’s, one of the key trends to watch out for in 2012 YouTube will make further inroads.