Facebook + Microsoft > Google ?

The search world might see a big change. Facebook has partnered with Microsoft to add Bing as the web search engine inside the social network and also for populating user data. Facebook’s chief technology officer Bret Tylon noted on the official Facebook blog,

“We’re partnering with Bing to give you a way to bring your friends’ recommendations to online search. Both Bing and web results in Facebook would by default show the data of all the pages that your friends have hit the ‘Like’ button for. This feature would be rolled out for U.S. users in the coming weeks.”

What’s new?

When you connect Facebook with Bing, the search results that you get also include recommendations. Sample this, say you wanted to search for a hotel for a business tour. The search would display all the list of hotels which were “liked” by your Facebook pals, the most liked being on top. So you only have the best (and the recommended) to chose from.

The Google side of the coin

Social media just got bigger and is set to impact our lives in an unprecedented manner.

But a certain ‘Google’ might not be looking ahead to it in a kind of anticipation that we are. Reasons are not that hard to comprehend.

For long, Google’s USP had been the algorithm it used, to search down relevant results for you. It revolved largely around the concept that a webpage with more links will be more relevant and better to visit (and hence a better search) than a webpage with fewer links. But with Bing and Facebook coming together, the search world might see a sea change. Surely at times you would like to visit results recommended by your friends than the one that has been churned out of a mechanical algorithm.

“Social search” offering is not the first and the last you would see from the budding partnership of Facebook and Microsoft, they have been clear that more innovations and offerings are on the way like revolutionalizing the way search results are shown.

When two of the three online heavyweights get together, the third ought to get nervous and get down to its drawing books. For Google, innovation is not just a word but is a way of life. It sure needs to come up with a great innovation, now to keep up with the pack.

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