An improved Google Analytics now available to all

In a blog post on the Google Analytics blog, Google announced the availability of an improved and overhauled Google Analytics system for everyone.

Many companies and brands use Google Analytics as their tool for tracking clicks and assessing their audience. It is free to use and has been in use for quite some time.

What has changed?
When a user logs in to Google Analytics, they would see a button saying ‘New Version!’, clicking on that would shift the user to the new design of the popular analytics platform.

  • Faster performance and a streamlined user interface – The design has become much more cleaner and smoother than before. The menus for visitors, traffic sources, content and conversions are much more streamlined and quicker in usage.
  • Reports can be created quickly – With the performance now quicker, reports can be generated much quicker as well.
  • Widgets can be created – Up to 12 widgets can be added per dashboard, this widget can be used to highlight any particular metric/pie chart/timeline or table that the user wants to create. Example – If the metric option is selected, then a variety of metrics can be made visible from the main page itself. These could include – % exits, % new visits, average page load time. etc.
  • Dashboard for quicker analytics – A dashboard can be created where you can choose the set of parameters that you want to see. Up to 20 dashboards per user can created. This helps an analyst in quickly seeing the numbers for a section that he/she likes to. Example, a brand analyst checks top content for a website on an on-going basis. Earlier, it would involve clicking many links to see the top content. Now with a separate dashboard, a widget for ‘top content’ can be chosen which makes it easier to be checked.
  • Monitor event goals – Previously, only page views of a certain URL could be tracked as part of a goal. Now it can be used for more things such as downloads of a file, interaction with videos, number of error pages encountered while shopping on an E-commerce site, how long a video was seen for etc.

Right now users can switch between the new version and the old version by choosing the option at the top.

New features yet to be included and in the works are, reports to be exported as a PDF, E-mailing reports, migrating reports from old Analytics to new Analytics, linking AdWords and AdSense to new platform, E-mail scheduling and in-page analytics.

What do you make of the new design and features of Google Analytics?