Social media – the fourth estate now?


The ability to publish content and literature has always been seen as threat by governments and authorities. Right from Guttenberg’s printing press and Martin Luther’s reinterpretation of the Bible to the upheaval on the streets of Egypt and Tunisia, the ‘ability and right to express’ has been tried to be contained and harnessed.[ ... ]

Voice updates – does it ring a bell for you ?

  The latest news doing rounds in the industry is that Aircel announced a tie-up with Facebook, which allows users to update their status by simply recording their voice over phone. This allows users to update their status messages on [ ... ]

85% online durable intenders prefer internet for search: Webchutney Report

In a press release shared by Webchutney, they revealed that the survey results indicate that with 76% of existing durable owners online harboring intent to purchase another durable good, their demand remains strong across all product categories.

[ ... ]

60% of social media users belong to non-metros – ViziSense media report

ViziSense released a report on the dynamics of the consumption of social media in India, capturing data from the ViziSense panel, for the time period of Jan to July 2010. 60% of the active internet users in India, are present on social networks. Interestingly enough, 60% of these users are from non-metros. The report analyses trends amongst the various demographics and geographics in India.[ ... ]

Indian women are most active on social networks at 9:00 p.m. – ViziSense media report

Kolmli Media’s online audience and ad measurement platform ViziSense, recently came out with a report mapping the online consumption patterns of Indian women. It provides significant insight into their online behaviour which will also be an important tool for social media marketers. The report tries to capture the demographic attributes such as age, occupation and geography while analysing women’s behaviour across top categories.[ ... ]

TNS digital survey report: India among the top five countries on photo sharing

TNS recently conducted a survey over 46 countries (sample size = 48804) to release a digital life reportPeople are shedding their earlier inhibitions and becoming more exhibitionists in their attitudes. Most of us spend a lot of our time looking at photographs. The study states that India is one of the top five countries in the world in terms of photo sharing. When asked, how many users upload photographs at least several times a week, 35% Indians responded in the affirmative. Turkey tops this list with every second person uploading photographs several times a week.[ ... ]

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