Case study: Breakthrough urged youth to Ring the Bell (Bell Bajao)

Next up on the IndiaSocial Case-study series is a favourite of many – the Bell Bajao campaign by Breakthrough, which has been using popular culture and media globally to deliver impact in human rights.

My first engagement with the Bell Bajao campaign dates to a time when the campaign still didn’t have a name. My friend, and then colleague,  Chhavi Sachdev , who I respect greatly as a professional, was also a part of the Breakthrough team in New Delhi and had requested my involvement in helping the team craft a social media strategy. That was 2 years, or so, ago.

The programme has come together quite nicely, thanks to dedicated efforts of Breakthrough’s internal team and that of many strategic partners who came ahead to support.

In a response to what makes the programme special, this is what Team Bell Bajao said:

One of the main reasons that make the campaign special is that it has been able to sustain interest amongst the Social Media users even after a year of its launch via TV and Radio. The Bell Bajao blog has become one of the few platforms created by an NGO for user generated content.

The online activities carried on by the Bell Bajao team are interactive, responsive and attentive of what others are saying. The campaign does not merely use the online space to showcase its work but sees it as a place to share, connect learn and reach out.

They say if you have want to see if something works well… see a not-for-profit use it. Bell Bajao does use it well. See how…

How Breakthrough Rang the Bell via the Internet.

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Disclaimer – Blogworks has been involved in the initial crafting of strategy for this project.