Bubble Motion launches iPhone app for Bubbly in India

Bubble Motion launched the iPhone app for its social messaging service Bubbly™ today. Tom Clayton, CEO and President of Bubble Motion called it ‘Twitter with a voice’. The service offers users the opportunity to post short voice messages and share them with friends, family and followers. It can be used on all phones across all service providers, via SMS, but the iPhone app is the first dedicated application that has been developed.

One of its selling points is that it provides opportunities for various celebrities to post updates, and popular celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra are among its users, and the number of followers on their accounts nearly rival their Twitter followers.

India is the first country where the application is being launched and it is available for free download and trial from the Apple India App store for 30 days, post which there will be a one-time fee of 2.99$ to get celebrity updates, and none to get updates from friends.

Bubbly currently has about 15 million unique users across Asia, and the app is expected to make it easier to use. An Android app is also currently being developed, and plans to add photo and video capability as well are being considered.