Case Study: Indian Panga League for Virgin Mobile India

India Social Case Challenge- edition 2

Category: Best use of a channel/platform

Title: Indian Panga League for Virgin Mobile India

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Virgin Mobile‘ branded services are being offered to the Indian consumers by Tata Teleservices through a brand franchise with Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile India will provide Tata Teleservices with experience in designing, marketing and servicing of ‘Virgin Mobile‘ branded products for the youth segment.

Executive Summary

It was an advertising campaign with over 100 films created for the digital media exclusively; each film not exceeding 15 seconds. The 3 months old campaign was aimed to create fun, humor & wit surrounding the IPL frenzy. Indian Panga League was an initiative taken by Virgin Mobile & was an attempt to connect with the youth to show them the other side of Cricket.

By creating viral content online, Virgin Mobile was able to interact with a million cricket fans & leveraged it in the midst of IPL season three. At the end of the campaign, Indian Panga League garnered over six lakh views on YouTube in 30 days, over 3000 fans on Facebook, 150 Followers on Twitter. We began the campaign by marketing the videos on YouTube & then took it on to Twitter to make the video links viral following it with Facebook to create & maintain a loyal fan base. There was a contest running along with the campaign which further increased the participation level amongst its followers.

Nature of the programme/ activity/ campaign

Business to Consumer

Duration of the said programme/ activity/ campaign. Start date-end date

Start Date: 11th April, 2010 to 1st May, 2010


Virgin Mobile had to promote their new promotion of STD @ 20 paise per minute. What better than an integration with the IPL theme as its about connecting within place in the whole of India.


  • Awareness of the Brand
  • Positioning as a Youth Brand
  • Awareness about the new scheme of 20 paise per minute on STD
  • Maximizing the YouTube Views for the brand

Strategy and Planning

The Videos were seeded on YouTube and planned to be shared with the IPL buzz in mind. The shareability of the videos increased as it reached out to people.


Customers (Existing & Prospective) were targeted to be informed about the new 20 paise per minute STD calling scheme

Choice of channel/s

YouTube was the prime focus as a platform. The title, tags and optimization was key for this campaign. Also Facebook & Twitter were used to plug the videos and run some contests to increase awareness.


A team of 7 people for the same where one strategist, one account manager and five executives were held accountable. 100 videos were uploaded in batches according to the matches on the IPL

Impact and Outcome

YouTube got over 6,30,975 Total Views, 300+ subscribers. The same has been recorded for the official videos. The unofficial videos downloaded and uploaded by users had lacs of views as well.


YouTube was a platform where the outreach and awareness program was executed. Facebook on the other had could have done better. IPL integration with the core communication with a subtle push worked for the brand.

What next

The programme is under maintenance mode and hopefully we will come back with a new version of Indian Panga League next IPL.


WATConsult has played an integral role in shaping our online campaign. With 6 lakh views on YouTube within a span of 1 month, the team has executed on the account & has inculcated a creative aspect with the use of tagging & commenting. We appreciate their approach towards an innovative direction for our brand- Ankush Manchanda

External Agencies: Any partners who helped you with strategy

Bates 141 – Video Ideation & Shooting BC Webwise- Website

External Agencies: Any partners who helped you with implementation.


Suitable title

Indian Panga League for Virgin Mobile India

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Name of Company: Virgin Mobile

Category: Telecom

Case Study submitted by: Sahil Shah



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