Case Study: MTV Roadies – The most Explosive Youth Brand in the Country

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Title – MTV Roadies – The most Explosive Youth Brand in the Country

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Roadies started in 2003, first hosted by Cyrus Shukar. Season 2 – Season 8 has been hosted by Rannvijay. “Roadies has travel, adventure, drama, touch of voyeurism…” – Raghu It is based on MTV reality show Road Rules which started in the year 1995 It is India’s most popular reality show with 8 successful seasons.

Executive Summary

A 9 month trans-media campaign which resulted in establishing MTV Roadies as the most talked about brand in India. A campaign which made MTV Roadies the envy of the brand manager of every youth brand in the country. Not only did Roadies establish itself as a giant in the social media space in India but its also got India noticed in the International space (Its in the Top 10 most engaged Facebook pages of the whole world). It busted myths of TV content not being consumed online and also myths which assumed Roadies to be too niche for an evolved audience platform such as Twitter. A campaign which was completely for the users at every step and which helped tailor on-air content based on how the audience in the digital space was responding to previous content. A campaign which integrated TV, Outdoor, Mobile and Digital Media. A perfect example of how a campaign should use its website, WAP site and social presence.

Nature of the programme/ activity/ campaign

Business to consumer

Duration of the said programme/ activity/ campaign. Start date-end date

Online Campaign started with a Call for Entries for Season 8 back in September 2010. Campaign went through the audition phase in Jan – Feb and the journey phase 5th March – 18th May. We’ll now continue with Roadies Battle Ground on the website and Facebook fanpage and lead up to Season 9!


In the past 7 seasons of the popularity of Roadies has surged on TV & online.

AIM: was to give the loyal fanbase quick and easy access to Roadies related content, attract new consumers and engage with them right through the season. Fans thronged Youtube to get the latest Roadies content. Hundreds of unofficial pages and websites catered to this audience. We wanted to draw all these fans FIRST to our digital platforms.


To make Roadies the most talked about brand in the social space in India. To be India’s MOST engaged Facebook page. 2 Million Fans on Facebook, 10 Million visits to our Website, 5 Million video views on,1 Million + views on Roadies Channel on Youtube and be one of the top Channels.

(We ended up achieving all that we set out to do.)

Strategy and Planning

STRATEGY: Reach out to our viewers and enable them to influence their social circle about Roadies.

CONTENT STRATEGY: Sneak peaks, full episodes, behind the scene pictures, gossip & leaks. Quick contests & gratification Simulcast on TV, Web & Mobile Long & short form Roadies content available on microsite, Facebook, YouTube and on mobile. Uncensored clips & full episodes! Live Chat with hosts & contestants. To ensure we reached out to our consumer multiple times on a daily basis.

LISTENING STRATEGY: We were all ears on our MTV Roadies Facebook page On-Air Programming Content was edited according to the fan’s demands. FB-Meetups/Tweetups before airing of episodes. Regular polls & tweets to find out who is trending on the show

INTERACTIVE STRATEGY: Live chat with Raghu, Rajiv, Rannvijay & contestants! Raghu’s blog on the website. Contests on Facebook & Twitter. We wanted to keep the consumer involved 24/7 right from the beginning of the show to the very end.


Our primary stakeholders were our consumers and we did everything possible to engage with them on every platform possible. This included almost every digital platform where our users could possibly be found. We wanted to ensure that a one-time viewer would be digitally touched at one platform or the other and convert to an addicted week-on-week viewer. Raghu and Rannvijay were also integral to all our digital activation.

Choice of channel/s

Website –

Blogs – Raghu’s exclusive blog giving fans insights into each episode.

Youtube Roadies full episodes and uncut ones are massively popular on- Youtube.

Facebook Eh…cos the world is on Facebook!

Twitter (@mtvindia handle) Live tweets during the show – Fans tweeted during airing of the show Tweetups –Inviting influential junta to screenings.


Facebook We knew audition videos are hugely popular. And some of them had massive viral quotient. These are the videos shared on FB. Our conversations were around these. City comparison kept the heat alive. Youtube At the time when auditions went on air, Viacom and Youtube were in a legal tiff. So we used Youtube as a Roadies fan ;-) Some audition videos have nearly 1M views each!

Website Content is king – all previous seasons of Roadies were uploaded. Official Tweet-up for the first journey episode at the MTV Parel office. Roadies was trending by the end of the tweet-up.

Similarly one day before every journey episode aired on TV (i.e. on Friday) we would have a tweet-up in a major city and would air the episode to the fans! Facebook – Regular posts with updates, sneak peeks & polls Full episodes, uncensored clips on the website, youtube, facebook & mobile wap site. Knowing what works… Rannvijay posts on MTV Roadies have garnered record breaking numbers. The most favored Roadies also make the best posts We’ve seen numbers on the Facebook fan page which haven’t been even heard of for an Indian brand! Screenshots in the PPT. Contests: Contests carried out on MTV Roadies hugely popular with more than 1000 entries for each contest. Contests / Quizzes also on the site for Dell, Snapdeal, Lava, Crusoe & Wildcraft Cross-Promotion: On-Air -> On-Line Astons to promote the website, youtube and facebook fanpage. On-ground -> On-Line All outdoor and on-ground creative carried the URL to the website. On-Line -> On-Air Episode alerts and reminders on the Facebook fanpage. Show timing / promos on the website / youtube.

Impact and Outcome

MTV Roadies is 2 Million strong on Facebook It is the 5th largest in India in terms of sheer volume
It is also the 6th most engaging pages on Facebook in the world& #1 Most Engaging in India .

On Facebook: Monthly active users on MTV Roadies facebook is 1,574,139 (78% of total fan base) Total post views per day is 152,788,912 making it one of the most viewed posts among Indian brands Interactions 2-3x higher than the top brand pages in India get. (Graphs in the PPT) Analysing: We track all the posts which are made based on videos, photos, etc & based on what works, we schedule content. Benchmarks – We are the most engaged page in India and #6 in the world. We aim at doing better every week. We’ve got people in the team who’ve handled Axe Angels Club, Pepsi India pages. So that helped us benchmark against what numbers are achieved by other 1M pages in India. And our aims were to double each metric they’ve achieved.

Twitter: Live tweeting during the airing of show has helped us get Roadies to trend often. Its been surprising to see an apparently niche and evolved audience like Twitter to be home to die-hard fans of Roadies! On the day of the Finale Episode…#roadies, MTV Roadies, Anchal, Aanchal, Suchit and Mohit all trended! We had 4 topics trending at the same time!

Metrics and Tools: There was a simple metric which we had in place. Out perform the previous weeks reach, impressions and feedback rate. Some tools which we’ve used to help us with measurement: Buzzref, Pagelever, compare tool etc. We use the Facebook Search API to track how many people share our posts. This in turn helps us to figure out what sort of content is shared by people on their walls.

Website: 10 Million Visits, 16 Million Pageviews+ (Other website stats included in the ppt) Youtube: Total Upload views on the MTV Roadies channel are 1,567,195. The channel went live on April 18th. We’ve consistently been in the Top 5 channels viewed in India.


Stuff which works: Rannvijay, Raw uncensored videos, behind the scene pics.

Stuff which doesn’t: Contests. Surprisingly contests don’t work in getting you new fans. They just help in keeping a minority group happy and engaged. Establishing the Facebook page as a platform where Roadies fans could meet other people similar to them. We wanted to build this as a platform where other Roadies fans could consume, share and broadcast content. Which helped us reach out to their friends and increase the popularity of the show.

Insights gained:

Always think 360 degrees when it comes to a campaign. And think integration.
Make everything as social and as easily accessible as possible. Integrate one media platform with the other. Short status updates work. (An internal study showed us that FB updates lesser than 120 characters get more likes than the ones longer than 120. Study done after studying 100 posts made by us)

What next

Roadies Season 8 ended on 18th June. Now we’ll have: RBG – Roadies Battle Ground. An online task based program to select the first Roadie for Season 9 of Roadies. Roadies specific content – Over the next few months we are going to have content specific to the Roadies audience and work on improving the aspirational quotient of Roadies. And then we’ll wait for Season 9! And the fun will start again! Call for entries, Auditions, Journey etc!


6th most engaged page in the world. Higher TRP’s and Record breaking GRP’s as compared to last year. And the love of 2 Million Fans!

External Agencies: Any partners who helped you with implementation.

Website Execution – Web18 Partner for short promos, vignettes etc. – Colosceum Handling logistics Youtube Channel – iStream

Suitable Tittle

MTV Roadies – The most Explosive Youth Brand in the Country

Fact Sheet

Name of the Company: Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd / MTV Roadies

Category: Media, Publicity and Entertainment, Business to consumer

Case Submitted By: Ekalavya Bhattacharya