Facebook ad-spends in India on a rise

Globally ad-spends have been steadily drifting away from search towards social networks, especially Facebook. According to a study done by e-marketer Facebook was in fact predicted to receive half of all social network ad spending in US. Advertisers in India have now begun to show interest in Facebook and realised the impact it could make on the consumers. According to an article in the Hindustan Times today, the advertisers have been increasing their spends on Facebook. In fact Komli Media told Hindustan Times that ad-spends on Facebook have gone up by 40%. Prashant Mehta, COO, Komli Media told HT -

“The biggest advantage is that advertisers are in control as the applications here are more engaging than anywhere else.”

Blae Chandlee, VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, Facebook, feels that there is a strong growth coming in from consumers and advertisers. Facebook has been trying to reach out to the mid-sized and small businesses in order to draw revenues. Read full story here.

It shows a clear shift in the consumer behaviour and the need of the marketers to channelize their spends towards Facebook.