Facebook announces new privacy settings

Facebook has announced changes to its privacy settings falling in two categories:

  • Privacy changes to what shows up on user profiles and
  • Changes to how users share new content

6 privacy setting changes made for the user profile

  1. Content on your profile; all details will emerge on a drop down menu next to the icon making it possible for you to change settings side by side with a click for the amount of content friends get to view.
  2. The new profile tag tool makes it possible to choose to consent or decline any photo or post user is tagged in before it’s visible to anyone else on their profile.
  3. Content Tag Review tool gives user an option to consider on approving or rejecting a tag anyone tries to add to their photos and posts.
  4. Universal tagging – users can tag anyone, not just Facebook friends. Other person can choose not to accept the tagged post on their profile
  5. Location tagging – geographic locations can be added in all versions of Facebook, not just mobile app
  6. Profile view -the option to see how others view your profile is added above the news feed

4 changes made to when you share

  1. The inline control makes it easier and a click away for the user to decide who can see each post. In the new settings there is an icon and label for each kind of audience making comprehension and decision making easier for the user on what to share.
  2. The inline controls and settings remain the same in case uploading of content is done through smart phones or similar devices
  3. Users can alter their updated status in case of any blunder with the use of the inline controls
  4. Facility to Remove Post and Photo Tags from Facebook. The new tool makes it possible to remove posts and photos from your profile, removing the tag itself, messaging the photo owner or tagger, and requesting the content get taken down.

What do you think about the changes introduced by Facebook? Do share with us.