Facebook answers questions on new Pages

Facebook employees Mandy Zibart (Consumer marketing), Morin Oluwole (Page Operations), Jeff (Product Marketing) and Thomas (Pages Engineer) took questions from general public for better understanding and implementing the new Facebook Pages. The broadcast was live on the Facebook Live page. While these questions may not necessarily answer all your questions but it may give you a hint of solution or ideas for the future. For the benefit of IndiaSocial readers we have transcribed the interview below.

Question: How does Facebook choose which changes to ship in their products?
Answer: We decide what is added into a product based on feedback from users, page admins, brand partners and employees. Thereafter, we judge what are the broad themes that people want to see being implemented and then we incorporate it with our product vision. Friend interaction (filters for ‘Everyone’) and authenticity (featured admins) is ensured with the new features. Most asked for feature was of the ability to switch between page admin and profile user & notifications on activity.

Question: How can page administrators give feedback?
Answer: Facebook help page is the perfect place designated for page administrators to put in their views and ideas. Facebook Marketing page is another place.

Question: Why is there no chronological order on the new pages?
Answer: Previously the wall on pages was simplistic, based on the time stamp of the wall post. The new order would help in understanding what is interesting and useful for the user. It would prove to be more engaging for users. Since the launch of the new pages, there have been a few changes made in the filter and more changes would be made in the future. However, admins can still view the posts in chronological order by going to ‘Admin View’ underneath the ‘Wall’ button on the left side.

Question: Why can’t fans suggest pages to their friends anymore?
Answer: We think the ‘share’ button for sharing content is more useful when it comes to suggesting a page or a link to a friend rather than a simple suggestion to like a page. Also, this content can be shared publicly or privately as per the user preference. Share makes more sense also due to the fact that its available throughout the website so users are more aware of that option. Admins can still invite their friends to like a page of their own.

Question: Has Facebook Markup Language (FBML) been removed?
Answer: FBML is a coding language developed exclusively for Facebook and its products. The tabs and applications built in the past using FBML will continue to work as they did before. New applications developed after March 10, 2011 will work only using iFrames.

Question: Can pages tag other pages in a photo?
Answer: Currently this feature isn’t available. But it’s a good idea and we would keep this in consideration.

Question: Is there a way to see which other Facebook pages have liked your page?
Answer: When using Facebook as your page, you can see the recent users and pages that have liked your page. However, there is no special mention given to it on your page.

Question: Are the new Facebook pages features available on the mobile phone?
Answer: Currently it is not available on the mobile phone but it would be added soon.

Question: Is there a way to customise the photostrip at the top?
Answer: Usage of photostrip is a great idea to highlight recent photos added to the page and photos that your page has been tagged in. For effective implementation of it, pages should ensure that they are tagged into the area that they want to highlight on their photostrip. Also, images which a page doesn’t want to make visible on the strip can be removed by clicking on the cross button on the top right. Using this, the image would be visible in the images area but not on the photostrip.

Question: Some tabs are missing after the upgrade to the new pages. How to fix it?
Answer: It is strange that a tab is lost after the upgrade but if it is indeed not visible then you can check the back end area of the page by going to ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘Apps’. Here, page admins can check which apps are in use and remove unnecessary apps too. Now there is another feature of renaming a tab easily available in that section itself.

Question: What are some of the resources that can be made the most of to understand Facebook Pages?


  • Facebook Pages page is a great page that page admins can use to learn more about the product. They can also read tips and best practices by going to the Resources tab.
  • For developers, the developer blog is a good place to go for updates and any guidance that they need. The post on February 11, 2011 introduced iFrame tabs for pages, which is good to read with March 10 approaching.
  • Facebook help section is useful in terms of getting guidance from other members of the community and more importantly for us, to get ideas and suggestions for features to be added in the future.

With the half an hour Q&A session, some queries would have been answered for you. Also, it gives a glimpse into what is coming into the future.

  • Chronological order in the filter would be fixed in some way to incorporate user activity as well.
  • Pages would be able to tag other pages in photos.
  • Facebook pages features to be made visible on mobile phones.

How are you liking the new Facebook page features? Are there questions which still remain unanswered for you?