Facebook Questions – will the brands benefit?

Facebook has announced the roll out of their Questions product. In the blog post, Adrian Graham (Product Manager at Facebook) explained the necessity of your friends answering your questions rather than random people whose taste may be completely different and they’re not aware of your preferences.

Facebook had initially launched ‘Facebook Questions’ in July last year. It was launched as a beta product and not made available to all the users. The limited roll out was primarily to ensure it functioned properly before mass audience could use them.

The previous or the beta design was completely different from the one that has been launched now. The current format allows answers to be given easily with a single click rather than giving a full response in the older design. The biggest difference, however, between the two is that in the new format, your friends and friends of friends can answer the questions. Further, these questions can be shared with other people and one can even mark some of their friends to answer.

How can brands make the most of it?

Almost all brands on Facebook have presence through an official page. This page helps them keep their customers updated and to help them engage with them. It is also used as a medium to boost sales through means such as contests, E-commerce applications etc. Another idea to use Facebook page is to co-create products with opinions from the customers. For this purpose, many brands can now use questions to have a better engagement.

To get questions enabled for a page, ensure the following steps:

Firstly, start using Facebook as a page and not a profile. This feature was made available in the recent updates to Facebook Pages.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/questions . There you would see a green button saying ‘Get Questions Now’.

Clicking on this button would make Facebook Questions available for you as a page. It would now be visible as an individual application for your page. Now, whenever you would want to post a status update, there would be an option to ask a question as well.

Just ask a question here with the choices you want to offer and publish it. This would now make the question answerable to all the fans and non fans of your page.

This reduces the usage of other applications which have so far been used for asking questions and this also raises the possibility of questions being answered more than before. Each time a user answers the question or participates, his/her friend can also participate in it. It also raises the chances of the question going viral and the brand page getting more visibility.

Many Q&A services have existed for many years but recently it gathered attention through Quora. Will ‘Facebook Questions’ make an impact in an already saturated market?

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