‘Facebook Studio’ – community for agencies and brands

As announced at the end of March, Facebook Studio – a community for creative advertising agencies and marketers, is now live and running.

The introduction of the website reads –

Facebook Studio is a place to celebrate marketers who are creating and innovating on Facebook. This is a community where you can share your work, get recognized for your creativity, be inspired by your peers, and browse a collection of work that represents some of the best marketing on Facebook.

The site has sections for Gallery where newest work done on Facebook is shared. All agencies/companies that list their work done on Facebook can then be voted through a like button. The agency which receives the most awards will get an award by Facebook.

Another section called the ‘Learning Lab‘ is a useful resource for marketers to understand how effectively they can use Facebook tools such as Pages, Ads, Sponsored Stories, Places etc.

Spotlight section highlights the best work done on Facebook as voted by the members of the site.

The Agency Directory lists down the agencies that have submitted their work and the likes that they’ve received so far.

As Facebook is a prime resource for marketers and agencies, Facebook Studio can be a useful place to learn from for entrants into the social media marketing space. Creative advertising agencies can also learn how best they need to design their offerings for most effective campaign.

This is the second category of profession that Facebook has tapped into in the recent past. Earlier they had created a page for journalists, where Facebook started sharing tips for journalists to best use Facebook as a platform for their content.

What do you think of Facebook’s ideas to tap into professionals who are present on Facebook?

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