Facebook Studio – learn about ad creatives

Source: Facebookads101Financial Times reports Facebook will launch a new product called ‘Facebook Studio’ next month. This new site would be a meeting place for top creative advertising agencies to share tips and tricks on the best Facebook ad campaigns.

With the number of users on Internet growing and most of them being present on social networks, social ads are the newest form of advertising for companies all over the world. Facebook dominates when it comes to number of users with more than 600 million registered members. This along with targeted advertising options makes Facebook a perfect medium for advertisers.

Through this product, many marketing and communication agencies can learn on how others are making the most of Facebook and using it to increase fan base and also generate revenues in the process. Alongside encouragement of sharing of best practices, lessons from previous experiences and views on proposed advertising executions would be the key criterions.

Jennifer Kattula (Manager of Agency Marketing, Facebook) said –

One of the biggest challenges that people talk to us about is that Facebook is not a place to be creative because the ad unit size is so small, and there’s no sight, sound and motion,” she said.

“The idea is that social is creative. It’s more than just ads.

Even though many companies are looking to have their presence on social networks, not many have ventured into the social ads space compared to traditional media. It’s probably due to the fact that not many users are paying attention to these ads or clicking on these ads as compared to the ones they visit after seeing in newspapers, hearing on radio or through offers distributed via E-mail.

While its not clear how exactly ‘Facebook Studio’ would manifest, as a learning and collaboration platform, it can be useful for companies looking at leveraging Facebook to engage with their stakeholders.