Facebook to launch Timeline for brands

Another feature for brands on Facebook that is seeming likely to be launched at the first-ever Facebook Marketer’s Conference in New York on February 29, is the Timeline view for brands. First announced in September 2011, the Timeline feature has been a point of great contention among Facebook users – with some being wowed by it, and others demanding the old view back –  the major issue being with the fact that the Timeline displays information about a user’s profile right from the his/her birth.

If the Timeline for brands also has the same capability, it would mean that the brand pages would be able to showcase the entire history of the brand, and in some cases like Coca-Cola, this could mean going back over a 100 years! It is a chance to show viewers exactly how a brand has developed and evolved over the years.

Since Twitter and Google+ have already come up with specialised brand pages, advertisers seeking something especially tailor-made for brands will pick them as a platform over Facebook, and Timeline pages could be one way to counter that.

The Timeline pages are also photo-heavy, and well-structured, so brands can make use of innovative and creative designs and customise layouts to make their pages look really eye-catching and attractive. Mashable takes a look at possible ways for brands to make their page striking.

Facebook has already encouraged developers to come up with apps that have functions which go beyond just the regular ‘like’. So the Pinterest app creates stories for a new ‘pin’, Spotify app for a new ‘listen’, and Washington Post app for a new ‘read’. Facebook has agreed to feature these actions in the live ticker in the news feed, so that they show up in real time.

There is hence, immense potential for brands to create customised actions that fit in with the content of their page.

Do you think the Timeline feature will be good for brands? How will your brand utilise it for maximum effect? Share with us.