Facebook India Ambassadors to help drive mobile growth

Facebook‘s monthly active users are expected to cross a billion any day now. The last official numbers released were 955 million monthly active users in July 2012. India numbers stand at 59 million monthly active users as on June 30, 2012, an 84% increase from last year. India, Brazil and Indonesia are the three key sources of growth for Facebook, and mobile is the driving force for this.

According to Facebook’s quarterly report:

“Approximately 102 million mobile MAUs accessed Facebook solely through mobile apps or our mobile website during the month ended June 30, 2012, increasing 23% from 83 million during the month ended March 31, 2012.”

So, 102 million Facebook users didn’t use the website at all and another 441 million accessed their Facebook using both mobile devices and PCs. This is likely one of the major factors behind Facebook’s Ambassador Programme in India.

Facebook is looking for people to be its ambassadors, and help fuel growth. Users are asked to assist people in installing Facebook on their mobile phones, setting it up and registering themselves. They can submit the phone numbers of people they have helped, and their submissions will be verified. The most prolific nominees will be named Ambassadors.

Additionally, Facebook wants students to help set up official pages for their schools and colleges, create yearbooks for relevant classes, upload pictures, and organise a ‘Facebook Day’ on campus to spread the word and educate people about the mobile applications.

This makes a lot of sense for Facebook because its biggest evangelists are its existing users, and Facebook wants them to connect everyone they know via mobile. It remains to be seen whether this will cause a significant surge in numbers or not.