How brands are successfully engaging users on Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network that has everyone’s attention right now – every day sees a new statistic about Pinterest pulling past names like Twitter or Google+ in terms of how much traffic it drives to other sites, or how much time users spend on it daily. With it being so much in vogue, more and more brands are jumping onto the bandwagon so that they can get an edge over their competitors who are not as Pinterest-savvy yet.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social network where users can pin pictures of things that they like on their account. These pictures, or ‘Pins’ as they are called, can be categorised into boards and can be freely ‘liked’, commented upon, and re-pinned by other users.

Why has it caught everyone’s attention? The major reasons behind Pinterest’s success are firstly, that it is an intensely visual site, and the layout is very attractive – it draws people in. Secondly, the creators of the site have made it exceedingly easy for people for pin pictures to their profile, they’ve come up with a ‘Pin It’ button that can be added to your browser, and then you can use it to pin images from any web page that you are on. The button application automatically scans possible pictures on the page and displays them all so that you can choose which one to pin, which board to pin it to, and add a short comment, if needed.

Who is using it? Several brands have already assessed the potential of Pinterest, and are making very good use of it to increase curiousity and attract traffic to their products. Here are some of the brands who are successfully using Pinterest, and what makes them good at it:

    • Whole Foods Market : A natural and organic products brand, they have 22 boards on Pinterest, organised into categories like ‘Winter Holiday Favourites’ and ‘Creative Christmas Projects’, and are followed by over 14,000 people. They are active on the site, regularly put up new pins, and frequently re-pin pictures put up by other users, as well as comment on them, thus fostering engagement. They also go beyond selling their products, as evidenced by their boards which show a variety of different, as well as interesting topics. It is of utmost importance to be seen as a brand which is not just there to market its own products, but to provide some value for the community, by creating a database of things that users love.