It is not an e-mail ?

The ‘Project Titan‘ unveiled itself today. All the speculations were brought to a quiet with the announcement of what is called the social inbox or the modern messaging system. Facebook promises -

  1. Seamless integration
  2. Informal
  3. Immediate
  4. Personal
  5. Simple
  6. Minimal
  7. Short messages

Is email becoming history?

Generation today considers emailing cumbersome. Emailing consists of a laborious subject line, greetings and regards. We all know from experience, that typing an appropriate subject line and formal greetings are quite a task. One line mails are becoming more of a norm. No one waits to open their personal computers to answer mails. Instant messaging and replying mails on the go is the trend. It is not uncommon to see people closing business deals over messages. Facebook messaging includes no cc, bcc or a subject line.

Under such circumstances, the modern messaging system can be a breather. But one cannot conclusively say that it will it replace the old emailing system.

Addressing the question, Mark Zukerberg said,

“This is not an email killer. This is a messaging experience that includes email as one part of it… It’s not e-mail.”

It is a combination of e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and short-messaging-service (SMS). The modern messaging system is an attempt at marrying text and email.

The social inbox

The social inbox aggregates all messages from your friend in one single place. The messages are not arranged according to the subject line. They are arranged basis the names of your friends. Privacy settings disallow receiving messages from those not categorized as “friends”. One can create a “do not email list”. It filters the messages that you want to see.

“Every row is a conversation with somebody I care about…the problem with e-mail or phone number is once it’s given out, it’s “lost” — you can’t control who sends you messages at that point.”

The video summarises the behaviour of the ‘social inbox’

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