Panel 4: Mobile is the present – mobile social networking


Bill Crawley, Vice President – Worldwide sales, Bubble Motion; Harish Gandhi, Executive Director, India, Canaan Partners; Nikhil Pahwa (Moderator), Editor and Publisher,; Mohit Gundecha, Head – India Operations, Mig33; Rajiv Kumar, CEO, Rocketalk; Ramesh Krishnan, COO, 2ergo India; Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO, One97

Rajiv Kumar shares the usage patterns of Rocketalk. He says, most of the users were initially from the smaller towns. Rocketalk is a mobile based social network company. Also, over 1 lac videos are being uploaded Rocketalk users from smaller towns.

But why not only mobile users, why also expand to desktop users? Because it is important that the 20% super users create the content on desktop for the rest 80% of the users, which is easier than creating content on mobile.

Harish of Canaan Partners says, mobile and social network go hand in hand, they both compliment each other.

The present session has been a very detailed conversation on the various aspects of mobile social network platforms, applications, tools, mobile handsets, mobile penetration and connectivity, operators, data plan and revenue generation etc. The panelists each have shared their experiences with their respective ventures.

The session witnessed the best audience reaction judging by the several questions and the Twitter timeline. Questions being raised about SMS short code, the usage of mobile social networking by people in rural areas, application developers.