LinkedIn launches ‘LinkedIn Today’

Porfessional networking website – LinkedIn, today introduced a beta version of its new product called – LinkedIn Today.

With the huge amount of content generated these days it has become increasingly difficult to stay on top of news and developments specific to your industry. There is content generated via Facebook, Twitter feeds, individual blogs, newspapers, online publications to name a few. News aggregation websites try to solve this purpose with services such as coming up. On its part, LinkedIn through its daily publication hopes to reduce the clutter and sheer volume of information shared on the professional network.

Speaking at the launch, Deep Nishar, SVP of product and user experience at LinkedIn said -

LinkedIn Today provides our members with a quick and easy way to digest trending news gleaned from the collective wisdom of 90 million professionals – what they are reading, what they are sharing, and what they are saying. Having a professional and tailored lens on news and insights is not only an efficient way to gather information for your work day, but it also arms you with the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.

What’s new?

LinkedIn uses the key factor of ‘social’ in providing these news stories to a user. Three parameters have been set for news to be displayed – your connections, your industry peers and wider audience in general.

  • Your connections – We tend to read more content shared by people we know personally or professionally. This is clear from the fact that, social had been included to Google search result queries as well thereby depicting the importance of social.
  • Your industry peers – You may want to be informed about what people in your industry are reading and sharing and this is where this function would be useful. Another interesting part to it is the function of following different industries. This is important if you want to follow an industry in which you don’t currently work in but want to follow since your clients are in it, you have interest in that industry or plan to expand or venture into that industry in the future.LinkedIn would also send in a weekly E-mail with these news stories so you can stay updated on a weekly basis even if you can’t check every single day.
  • Other users but not of your industry – There are chances that you may want to read news stories of industries you don’t follow. Here, you can see the trending stories and read according to your preferences.
  • See who’s sharing – Most of the times when I see my news feeds, I check the user first before clicking on a link. It helps me narrow down if the story would be worth the time I’m going to spend on it. This aspect is understood, as each story visible would also mention who’s shared the story and what is the conversation happening around the same. This can also be narrowed down into company name, industry and location.
  • Deeper Integration - The trending news stories can also be shared directly with your Twitter followers. This takes the integration between LinkedIn and Twitter beyond simultaneous status updates on both. These trending stories can also be shared to a LinkedIn group or E-mailed to your connections.
  • Top Sources – LinkedIn Today also offers a top sources section which picks up news stories from websites which have integrated the LinkedIn share button such as CNN Money, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal Digital Network and many more. This could potentially mean a battle of social plugins usage with Facebook and Twitter as all three are useful for many of the publication brands.
  • Available on the iPhone – LinkedIn Today would be available on iPhone devices as of right now. Users can read news on the go which is in general and also of their connections. News can even be shared between the app and the web address and vice versa.

Users can navigate to the news page directly or by going to More > News (Beta) from LinkedIn menu bar.