Nielsen report on top online shopping trends in India

The Nielsen Company recently announced the findings of its Global Online Shopping Report conducted among Internet users in 55 markets launched in September 2010

IndiaSocial reached out to Nielsen India for some deeper insights about the key findings for the Indian market. Alongside some key findings shared in their company release, we have captured some of these EXCLUSIVE data about the Indian market in this post.

Scope of the Report

The Nielsen Global Online Shopping Report looks at how consumers shop online: what they intend to buy, how they use various sites, the impact of social media and other factors that come into play when they are trying to decide how to spend their money.

Summary of the Key Findings

  • More than eight out of ten Indian online consumers plan to shop online in the next twelve months
  • More than a quarter indicate they spend upwards of 11 percent of their monthly shopping expenditure on online purchases
  • 71 percent Indians trust recommendations from family when making an online purchase decision, followed by recommendations from friends at 64 percent and online product reviews at 29 percent
  • Half the Indian consumers (50%) use social media sites to help them make online purchase decisions.
  • Online reviews and opinions are most important for Indians when buying Consumer Electronics (57%), Software (50%), and a Car (47%).
  • More than four in ten Indians are more likely to share (post a review/ Tweet/ review) a negative product or service experience online than they were to share a positive experience
  • In the next six months Indians are most likely to buy Books (41%), Airline ticket/reservations (40%), and Electronic equipment like TV, Camera, etc. (36%) online
  • When shopping online, one third of Indians (33%) purchase most frequently from websites which allow them to select products from many different stores.

Details of the Findings

Online Shopping Cart of Indians for next 6 months

Impact of online reviews and opinions – Industry wise

Sources of Recommendations for Purchase

Monthly Expenditure

Respondents: Sample Size – 502


Age Composition

  • Youth comprise the largest target segment in the survey (likely given their higher adoption of the online medium)

Gender Composition

  • Male – 82%
  • Female – 18%

You can read the Nielsen company release on the report here










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    That is really a good insight into the Indian market. Thanks guys for sharing it.


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    The insights are eye-opener.

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  • Arthur Baine

    This is a fabulous finding. Strange enough, I admire review sites that have dared to bring these online reviews in India. More power to mouthshut and yelp!

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  • Deepak

    Thats very interesting data. Can you direct me to the problem in online shoping for India. I am not clear with % in first two table, the sum total of % is exceeding more than 100, which is confusing how % are calculated

  • siddharth


    for the first 2 tables, the answers may be multiple… means, i shop for more than one product online (for instance, books and air ticket, so my response had been counted twice) and the same with question 2 also.

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    Nice and informative article about online shopping trend in India.

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    This is a detailed report and a very insightful one. Shopping trends are changing around the world and India is not far behind. The scene is such that companies are daring to sell groceries online – a change of mindset and leap from the ‘me too’ websites selling fashion products and gadgets. The online shopping trend is really interesting and surely companies big and small are capitalizing on it.

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    Is there any report which will tell you about buying trends of consumers in India or whole world. That is how many of them buy online, how many of them buy going to the shop, how many of them inquire to their friends, etc.

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