Study: Interactions on brand pages are vital testimonial of customer service

Brands are increasingly using social networking sites as a means of engaging consumers. However, companies spend a lot of time and effort into attracting customers, and not nearly enough in keeping them happy and satisfied. Often forgetting that social media is not a one-way street.

This study by Conversocial undertaken in United States reports that 78 percent respondents believe that communicating with companies through the medium of social media is either, already the primary way, or will be so in the future.

How people see communicating with companies on social media

In the Conversocial study entitled ‘The Consequences of Ignoring your Customers’, a  comprehensive online questionnaire was completed by 513 respondents, who were reached through their social networking profiles, forums or email.The questionnaire consisted of 9 questions  to understand the condition of customer satisfaction with current corporate attitudes on social media sites. Respondents reside in large metropolitan areas of the United States, and are of an average age 38 years.

Most people spend a very large chunk of time online on Facebook or Twitter, and thus find it very easy and convenient to reach out to a company on the same platform.

A Facebook poll also reported that one third of people after seeing a ‘Like’ for a particular brand on their friend’ profiles, actively research the brand page.  Conversations on a brand page are thus a vital testimonial about the state of its customer service.

  • 27.3 percent respondents said that they expect a company’s brand page to offer news, discounts and other offers; 9.6 percent said that they should be listening to customers praise and complaints; and 63.2 said said they expected both. A company can definitely not afford to ignore the expectations of three-fourth of the consumers