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Indiatimes recently launched the beta version of SpeedNews feature for The Times of India. The feature provides readers with short and latest updates from reporters across India. The real time short updates seem to be based on the functionalities of  Twitter, re-engineered to work as media tool. The SpeedNews service was launched as pilot service under the name of Raw News but was later retitled as SpeedNews.

The design of the homepage allows users to filter news according to city and categories. The categories are Business, Crime, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and General news.  There is also a provision for searching news from specific reporters (See Exhibit above). Also on the right side of the webpage, one can find the trending topics (Hot Topics) which are making waves in the media. One interesting aspect of such speedy news is that it allows a lot more news content to surface quickly including those which might not have necessarily made it to the articles.

Exhibit 1: Web page SpeedNews Beta

A beta stage product , this service may well turn out to be a primary source of accessing information on The Times of India’s online edition. This, however, depends on whether SpeedNews keeps on reinventing its existing interface, to include more features. Prominent being, inclusion of web links to news articles so that traffic can be diverted to other pages as well. It can involve the tagging feature, so that latest articles and contextual information can be found at a single place. The model on which SpeedNews works, proves that it has the capability to work across different language verticals and business editions (read The Economic Times ) of  the Times group. The power of this service can thus be utilized to integrate the various wings of the media conglomerate.

As far as monetisation opportunities are concerned SpeedNews can open up a whole new avenue of city and category specific advertisements for various businesses (especially mid and small size businesses). It could go a step further by following the Twitter’s Promoted Accounts way.

Note: This post is part of our Student Series that will feature perspectives from students across management institutes on Social Media

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