How brands are successfully engaging users on Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network that has everyone’s attention right now – every day sees a new statistic about Pinterest pulling past names like Twitter or Google+ in terms of how much traffic it drives to other sites, or how [ ... ]

Are consumers ready for Facebook mobile advertising?


The Facebook IPO document‘s section entitled ‘Risk Factors’ discusses a number of uncertainties that might adversely affect their operations and financial conditions and one of the foremost is that Facebook is increasingly being used by consumers on a mobile platform but they [ ... ]

Facebook Sponsored Stories – users are the new advertisers

In a recent development, Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘Sponsored Stories’ which will allow companies to take user generated content and turn it into an advertisement for its products.In a world where word of mouth and recommendations from trusted sources still score over advertising, Facebook Sponsored Stories seem like a logical way of introducing another revenue channel within Facebook.[ ... ]

Why Social Gaming should be the next stop for Indian marketers?

In the recent years we have seen the advent of more and more apps and social games in the digital space. The number of social gamers is also increasing at a steep rate, which has led brand custodians to start targeting these masses in the virtual space. Utilizing innovative approaches and the necessary technology support, the brands are now trying to build their customer bases on these interactive environments, shifting the focus from the people who are only on their fan pages.[ ... ]