Facebook Studio – learn about ad creatives

Financial Times reports Facebook will launch a new product called ‘Facebook Studio’ next month. This new site would be a meeting place for top creative advertising agencies to share tips and tricks on the best Facebook ad campaigns. With the [ ... ]

Facebook answers questions on ‘Sponsored Stories’

Keeping up with their previous live webinar on answering questions about Facebook Pages, Facebook did another live webinar to explain ‘Sponsored Stories’. Facebook had launched ‘Sponsored Stories’ at the end of January this year, which at first was available only [ ... ]

Facebook ‘sponsored stories’ is now live

Facebook recently introduced Sponsored stories as a new medium to advertise on Facebook. The feature is now live and running for brands and companies to put to use. Even though the ‘sponsored stories’ can be used to advantage by advertisers, there are underlying concerns for both users and brands as well.[ ... ]