Check-ins to come to Facebook Events next

Facebook is testing a new feature on Facebook events where users would be able to check-in to events that they had RSVP-ed. The testing development was first reported by AllFacebook through a screenshot. This screenshot was taken through an iPhone device. [ ... ]

Facebook Places, now operational in India

Facebook Places, location based social networking service by Facebook is finally available to Indian users. So far it has been tested on iPod and Android devices and it’s working smoothly. It would give you the option to tag your friends at the time of checkin.[ ... ]

Executives prefer LinkedIn over other networks: Study by Society for New Communications Research

A report by ‘Society for New Communications Research’ suggests 97% of the business executives prefer LinkedIn as a social network over the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Plaxo. Facebook has taken the biggest hit in terms of its year-on-year usage as far as 114 executives interviewed are concerned.[ ... ]

Business of URL shorteners

URL shortening services such as and tinyURL have seen an increased usage with increasing usage of Twitter and in sharing links via Internet forums and chat conversations. Companies and websites can take these further by having their very own brand name specific URL shortener. Does it make sense to have a customised URL shortener? [ ... ] to undergo a revamped look

Google’s blogging service – Blogger, will be getting a new look and a cleaner interface besides a new feature of content discovery which many bloggers would welcome to drive more hits and clicks. The announcement was made by Chang Kim, Product Manager of Blogger on the official Google blog.[ ... ]

Government 2.0 – a phenomeon on the rise in India

Government 2.0 is not a new concept but it hasn’t evolved completely in India. There are a few departments which have taken to social media to interact with its target audience – citizens, but there are many who haven’t. Many departments don’t go social because of the concerns around the private information being shared. However, recently there has been a change in its attitude towards utilising Social Media.[ ... ]

Zynga sets up a creative studio in India

Social gaming site – Zynga, will be expanding its operations in India as it has launched a creative studio in Hyderabad. Alongside, the company would increase its employee count to nearly 200 from the current approximate of a hundred. This office would become the company’s second biggest outside US.[ ... ]

How brands can use Foursquare?

Foursquare is quite possibly the new platform to leverage on for brands especially retail joints and restaurants. Cafe Coffee Day recently became the biggest brand in India to offer Specials for its customers through the service. What can other brands do to make most of its new functions and features?[ ... ]