YouTube to get a design change – showcase as TV

Google owned YouTube is set to undergo a design overhaul if report by Wall Street Journal is to be believed. In the design change, YouTube plans to compete with broadcast and cable television by highlighting content in a more efficient way. With that, YouTube would have to ensure that users stay on the website for a longer period and more importantly for advertisers to see a long term benefit in the platform.

In the design change, about 20 channels such as Art and Sports would be featured on the main page. These channels would have several hours of professionally produced original programming a week. More channels would be added with content already available from the site.

This move comes at a time when video streaming provider Netflix is building a repository of TV content and movies for its subscribers. Facebook also entered the video streaming business with introduction of Warner Bros. movies in return for Facebook credits.

YouTube is currently the world’s 3rd most visited website in terms of unique visitors and last year generated $544 million in net revenue. As per the insider, YouTube is pushing to get more TV shows and movies under its umbrella.

IndiaSocial readers might remember we had discussed if YouTube could be your TV and with the developments that have emerged now, it is their attempt to do so.

Again we repeat the question, can YouTube be your TV?